Our recent customer survey showed that you’re as passionate as we are about responsible travel. For us, it means working to ensure tourism brings greater benefits for local people and economies in destinations, offering positive choices which are not harmful to people, animals or the environment.

In our poll, 73% of you said that sustainable travel is one of the factors you consider when choosing a holiday and 6% consider it the main factor. Furthermore, a full 90% of you said that if you knew which companies specialised in sustainable travel, you’d be more likely to book travel with them, and 94% of you would like to learn more about how your holiday can help local people and the economy.

That’s where Escapa at Travel Counsellors comes in. We care for our people, our customers and our communities – both those we live in and those we send our customers to every day. We can give you advice on the right steps to make a positive impact through your travel.

Global Partners

We take great care in selecting the partners we work with – developing long-term relationships that directly benefit the communities you visit. What’s more, we’re committed to ensuring that every escape we offer makes as little impact on the local environment as possible. That way, we can help these beautiful locations remain unspoilt for generations to come…

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