Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures :         The Antarctica Air Cruise & Tour 

Explore Antarctica, one of the last frontiers on planet Earth, on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise around the white continent, accompanied by an onboard naturalist.

Close encounters with icebergs, whales, albatrosses and penguins are just a few of the things you can expect to see on this unforgettable eight-day escape. Antarctica is an ecological wonder that bewitches explorers, scientists and travellers alike and you’ll be one of the few people to see it up close.

Unlike the usual Antarctica trips, where you have to negotiate the tricky waters of the Drake Passage before you even get there, we’ll fly you straight from Chile to the South Shetland Islands, creating more time for the really good stuff.

From there you’ll spend the next three days cruising the icy waters that give way to spectacular landscapes, all teeming with exotic wildlife. Cameras at the ready…

The Inside Word 

We Love...

The fact that hardly anyone else has been here. After all, humans only started exploring this part of the planet 200 years ago. How many people do you know who’ve seen whales, seals, penguins and albatrosses in their natural environment?

Learn Something New...

Antarctica is one of the coldest, driest most windswept places on earth and yet it contains more than 90% of the planet’s land ice, making it the largest sweet water reserve on earth. These are just some of the fascinating facts you’ll learn throughout your trip. Expedition staff will deliver various absorbing lectures, films and DVD presentations during the voyage, bringing added depth to the places you’ll see.

Experience a Taste of...

Mother Nature in all her powerful glory. Aside from the huge concentration of exotic wildlife, the landscapes here are something you won’t see anywhere else from ancient glaciers and mountain ranges to roaming icebergs.

Jaw-dropping Moment...

The first time you lay eyes on the frozen white landscape of Antarctica, one of the world’s last great unexplored wilderness areas.

Flying Time From The UK

Just over 10 hours, via Santiago to Punta Arenas.

The Last Word

This Antarctica cruise gives you access to a far away corner of the planet that few ever reach. Before you go, we'll send you comprehensive information and guidelines to prepare for your escape to Antarctica.

Don't Forget

An extra battery for your digital camera, as the cold will affect their performance. And memory cards - plenty of them.

One complimentary night at Hotel Rey Don Felipe in Punta Arenas is offered upon request on day seven of the travel program.

We can tailor make any escape to suit your requirements so if you wish to extend your stay pre or post cruise in Chile, just let us know.  Why not combine this with the wilderness of the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile?

We can also offer you an itinerary that includes a one-way sea crossing of the Drake Passage, from Ushuaia in Southern Argentina to Antarctica.

Price From

£9,980 per person, based on two travellers sharing five nights all-inclusive accommodation on board the Ocean Nova, including return flights from Punta Arenas to the South Shetland Islands, transfers, pre and post-cruise hotel and a programme of guided excursions and activities.

NB. International flights to and from Chile are not included in the listed price.

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When to Escape

There is only a short season when the seas are navigable around Antarctica, so the available dates are fairly limited.


Austral summer weather in Antarctica will mean mostly mild temperatures, but you should expect some cold, sunny days and brisk winds, which may turn stormy with a few snow flurries. Be prepared for quick changes in conditions.



Punta Arenas 2017: 02 Dec, 07 Dec, 12 Dec, 17 Dec, 22 Dec, 27 Dec.

Punta Arenas 2018: 17 Jan, 22 Jan, 27 Jan, 08 Feb, 13 Feb.

“Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem is probably the most important issue of our lifetime. To experience this firsthand and gain an understanding of this wilderness is something precious indeed. Contact with the Antarctica is done in a safe and careful manner with respect of the environment uppermost at all times.” 


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