Serengeti Under Canvas

Friendly, personal service and simple luxury. This is what you can expect during your stay here. From the moment you wake to the sound of your butler bringing you tea and homemade biscuits, to the point where you drift off to sleep with the distant roaring of lions, you’ll be inspired, looked after and (very) well fed and watered. Crisp linens and crystal chandeliers in your spacious tent give everything an air of extravagance, along with flushing toilets and hot, gravity-fed showers.

The camps themselves are situated at a variety of private sites throughout the national park, and move according to the path of the migratory herds. One thing’s for sure: we’re never far away from the action.

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Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

This is the only lodge in Lake Manyara National Park, with just ten luxurious and intimate suites located in a remote corner of the reserve. Each one is a lofty tree house, with private veranda and large windows opening up to the lush forest, ensuring you feel close to the unspoilt world around you. Spacious bedrooms and sitting rooms open out onto the leafy canopy, and the best bit is that you can soak in the large, free-standing tub while gazing out at the view.

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Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Located on the edge of an extinct volcanic crater, this place is awash with gilt mirrors and beaded chandeliers, giving it the trappings of an elegant baroque chateau. The lodge is divided into three camps, with 30 stilted suites, each with its own sitting and dining areas and private butlers. Head to the domed dining room, which sparkles with silver and crystal, where huge windows offer awe-inspiring views as only Africa makes them. Or take a seat on one of the brocade sofas, and re-live the day’s experiences around the roaring fire. Be warned though, it’s all rather easy to get used to.

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  • The romance of traditional-style African safari tents, combined with luxury
  • Unspoilt views of the Serengeti
  • Up-close and personal encounters with the wildlife
  • Trained expert guides on hand
  • Situated in Tanzania's premier wilderness area of the Serengeti National Park

When to Escape

Temperatures are generally pleasant in the Serengeti, and our Serengeti Under Canvas semi-permanent camps move around the area year round, ensuring that you get within easy reach of the action.

December (the short rains) to May (March to May the long rains)

For up to 2 million wildebeest only one place is truly home; the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti, from Lake Nduni to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

April to June

The herds disperse throughout the central Serengeti, heading mostly in a north-western direction, towards the Western Corridor and the Grumeti River.

June to July

The wildebeest encounter the first major obstacle in their quest, the Grumeti River.

July to September (warm months)

The herds head north towards the lush plains of the northern Serengeti and the Masai Mara. The next set of spectacular river crossings takes place at the Mara River any time between July and October.

October (warm month)

Most of the wildebeest are now in Kenya’s Masai Mara, although some still remain in the Serengeti.

November (the short rains)

The herds now return to the grassy plains of the southern Serengeti.

“Staying at Serengeti Under Canvas and seeing the great migration is an unforgettable experience. There’s constant wildlife drama going on under your nose!”


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