It’s essential that ecotourism in these remote areas respects the local communities’ culture, their modest economic means and the fragility of the environment. Providing western standards of comfort needs to be balanced with local people’s pressure in obtaining food and clean water. That’s why, in the eco-lodges we work with, water consumption is reduced, waste disposal controlled and solar power is used instead of generators. All eco-lodges have locally inspired interiors.

Volcanoes Virunga Lodge: All-inclusive

Virunga Safari Lodge, is set on a hillside and has eight bandas with a panoramic view of the Virunga volcanoes and the lakes Ruhondo and Bulera.

The lush terraces on this high ridge have a sunken paradise garden as their focal point.  Activities include gorlilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, visits to Dian Fossey's grave, and walks to local villages near the lakes. You can also climb a nearby volcano, if you’re game…

VL-banda1-JK10.jpg VL-verandah2-RL10.jpg

Volcanoes Mount Gahinga Lodge: All-inclusive

Mount Gahinga Lodge clings to the foothills of the Virunga volcanoes on the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has eight bandas.

Activities include gorlilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, visits to Dian Fossey's grave, and walks to local villages. And if you’ve got the energy, there’s another volcano to climb.

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Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge: All-inclusive

This lodge overlooks the primeval Bwindi forest, home to gorillas, monkeys, chimpanzees and birds. Tracking gorillas in the so-called ‘impenetrable' forest is a truly magical experience.

This stunning eco-lodge has eight bandas and a relaxing terrace projecting out into the forest. Spend the day watching primates and birds playing about in the canopy.

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  • Four opportunities to go gorilla tracking; in Parc National des Volcans (twice), Bwindi and Nkuringo
  • Visit Dian Fossey’s grave in Parc National des Volcans (PNV)
  • See the golden monkeys in Mgahinga and PNV
  • Climb the Muhavura or Gahinga Volcanoes
  • Take a walk in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

When to Escape


Departs 2017: May to Dec.

July to September and December to January

The driest months in Rwanda

April and May and October to November

The rainy season.?Please note gorilla trekking will involve moving into the rainforests so please be prepared for muddy and wet conditions. You’ve been warned!

“We climbed higher into the forest and eventually found the gorillas on a sunny ridge.  A young one tumbled through the grass playfully, chirping and gurgling happily. A couple of yards away his dad (a very large silverback) kept a watchful eye on him, while munching on handfuls of foliage.”  

Vanessa T., Escapa Partner

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