The Motor Yacht Tucano

While this is not a luxury cruise, our Amazon exploration boat, Tucano, has nine air-conditioned passenger cabins with large beds and private baths. Four of them feature twin single beds, one cabin has a queen-size double and single bed, and the remaining four have single bunks.

Whichever one you choose, they all have large windows that open up, allowing you to gaze out at the rainforest and breathe in the fresh Amazonian air as you drift by.

Upstairs, the observation deck runs the entire length of the boat and if you fancy, you can go forward and watch the crew navigate the vessel. Or maybe just lie back in a hammock and watch the spectacular sights unfold.

However you decide to spend your time, our small, intimate groups (maximum of 18) trained naturalist guides and a well-planned itinerary ensure you’ll experience the trip of a lifetime.

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  • Get up close and personal with the remote Amazon rainforest
  • Incredible views of pristine wilderness
  • A small group expedition cruise
  • Experienced expert guides on hand
  • Magnificent sunsets and stargazing opportunities

When to Escape

2017 & 2018 : The Cruise operates throughout the year - please contact us for specific dates.

General Information

Our trips take place almost slap-bang in the centre of the Brazilian Amazon, within two degrees of the Equator. This means that the temperatures are warm all year round. The most important seasonal differences are the rainy and dry season: the rainy season runs roughly from mid-December to mid-May, with temperatures being a tad cooler than the June-December dry season. Overall, though, there’s only a five-degree average temperature difference between these periods.

Should I Avoid The Rainy Season?

No! Although it does tend to rain more at this time of year, many plants have evolved to fruit and flower during this period, attracting birds and primates to the water's edge making for some superb viewing. What’s more, there are often huge thunderstorms, which are incredibly exciting, even more so when you’re sat in the cosy salon on board our expedition boat, the Tucano.

How About The Dry Season?

The dry season has its advantages too. Not only is the weather dryer, but the lower water line attracts certain species that you tend not to see in the rainy season. Not only that, but with sandy beaches appearing at the water’s edge, it’s a great time to spot birds like black skimmers and terns and even the odd nesting turtle.

So, When is The Best Time to Travel?

Whenever you like. There are always interesting creatures to see all year round.

“On this trip you’ll get out into the forest and explore – not just look at the riverbanks from the deck of the boat. You’ll check out the small streams that radiate off the main river, swim off deserted beaches in water as pure and clean as the rain – and find yourself staring at vistas of wild rainforest stretching as far as the eye can see.”   


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