Brazil Amazon River Cruise                       A Rainforest Expedition 

This nine-day expedition voyage will take you to some of the most pristine rainforest in the Amazon. This is true wilderness, as you’ve never seen it before. A continental-size floodplain covering over 2.7 million square miles, almost entirely covered with primeval forest. And you’ll go deeper and further into it than most people can imagine.

Travelling by riverboat along the Rio Negro, you’ll end up around 200 miles from the starting point, exploring one of the least inhabited places on the planet. Cruising past orchids and bromeliads that cling to the limbs of overhanging trees, you’ll see colourful birds, iguanas and the occasional monkey mucking about in the branches overhead.

And that’s before you set foot in the forest. This incredible escape includes walks through the untouched wilderness, where you’ll see magnificent plants of every imaginable shape and size. Come the evening, you can sit back, relax and reflect on the exotic animals and plants that you saw during the day.

And if that’s not enough to have you reaching for the diary, you’ll even get to visit the homes of settlers who live deep within the forest learning about how they collect plants to use as medicine.

The great thing about this trip is that you’ll have plenty of time to relax, too. Take a swim in the clean, safe waters, enjoy a cook-out in breathtaking surroundings or simply sit back and watch the stunning sunsets. It’s entirely up to you…

The Inside Word 

We Love...

The fact that this trip manages to combine incredible wildlife, exploration, relaxation and fun! All thoughts of home will waft away on the warm breeze.

Learn Something New... 

Whatever you see during this trip, whatever questions you have about the incredible world you’re exploring, there will be am experienced naturalist guide on hand with all the answers. Not only that, you’ll have several crew members with you all of whom grew up in the forest and know the place like the back of their proverbial hands.

Experience a Taste of...

Caipirinha! The Brazilian national cocktail, and probably the most delicious drink ever invented (in our humble opinion). It’s made with Cachaça, or rum, and fresh lime. Lots of it. With cocktail hour on the top deck of the boat every evening (accompanied by delicious hors d'oeuvres), you’ll soon see what we mean.

Jaw-dropping Moment...

Your first steps into the Amazon Rainforest. This is nature on the grandest scale imaginable. You won’t want to put your camera away.

Flying Time From the UK

Over 20 hours, via Sao Paolo.

The Last Word

This is much more than an adventure holiday. It’s a voyage of discovery, with seven full days and seven nights of deep rainforest exploration. And the great thing is that it’s sophisticated, very comfortable and authentic.

Don't Forget

The presence of our groups has a very positive impact on the places we visit. Not only does it provide income for the community in wages and material, but it involves a large number of local people in an economic relationship with forest preservation. While on these trips we are extremely careful not to disturb the natural areas we visit, leaving them as wild and undisturbed as we find them.

If you’re looking for something truly special, why not arrange an Amazon cruise exclusively for a group of friends or family? The motor yacht Tucano is available for small groups, with dates available every other Monday, for six days/five nights.

While all of our trips are family friendly, at certain times of year we offer specific fixed departures that include special activities designed to enhance children’s enjoyment making it even easier for families with young children.

We can tailor make any escape to suit your requirements, so if you wish to add some pre- or post-Amazon arrangements in Salvador or Rio, or perhaps a visit to Iguasu Falls, then just let us know.

Price From

£3325 to £4150 per person, based on two sharing seven nights on boat accommodation, including flights, transfers, meals as indicated on the itinerary, and a seven-day guided programme.

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  • Get up close and personal with the remote Amazon rainforest
  • Incredible views of pristine wilderness
  • A small group expedition cruise
  • Experienced expert guides on hand
  • Magnificent sunsets and stargazing opportunities


  • The motor yacht, Tucano

When to Escape

2017 & 2018 : The Cruise operates throughout the year - please contact us for specific dates.

General Information

Our trips take place almost slap-bang in the centre of the Brazilian Amazon, within two degrees of the Equator. This means that the temperatures are warm all year round. The most important seasonal differences are the rainy and dry season: the rainy season runs roughly from mid-December to mid-May, with temperatures being a tad cooler than the June-December dry season. Overall, though, there’s only a five-degree average temperature difference between these periods.

Should I Avoid The Rainy Season?

No! Although it does tend to rain more at this time of year, many plants have evolved to fruit and flower during this period, attracting birds and primates to the water's edge making for some superb viewing. What’s more, there are often huge thunderstorms, which are incredibly exciting, even more so when you’re sat in the cosy salon on board our expedition boat, the Tucano.

How About The Dry Season?

The dry season has its advantages too. Not only is the weather dryer, but the lower water line attracts certain species that you tend not to see in the rainy season. Not only that, but with sandy beaches appearing at the water’s edge, it’s a great time to spot birds like black skimmers and terns and even the odd nesting turtle.

So, When is The Best Time to Travel?

Whenever you like. There are always interesting creatures to see all year round.

“On this trip you’ll get out into the forest and explore – not just look at the riverbanks from the deck of the boat. You’ll check out the small streams that radiate off the main river, swim off deserted beaches in water as pure and clean as the rain – and find yourself staring at vistas of wild rainforest stretching as far as the eye can see.”   


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