A key partner for Escapa is &Beyond, whose lodges are used predominantly within our  Wildlife Wildearth escapes to Africa.

&Beyond run nearly 50 small luxury safari lodges and camps in the most breathtaking parts of the African Continent. Their operation sustains hundreds of rural communities and millions of acres of precious, sometimes endangered wildlife habitat.

Like ourselves, &Beyond believe that we are responsible for the planet and the environment in which we operate. Commitment is shown through an ethos of  “care of the land, care of the wildlife, care of the people”, and by looking for ways to contribute to preserving these wild spaces.

Each &Beyond lodge supports a significant wildlife estate and contributes to its' neighbouring community, having a positive impact with a model of sustainability.

A key aim is to reduce the impact of wildlife tourism without compromising the guest experience.

&Beyond's footprint is very small  and consists of less than 450 bedrooms in total, which in turn supports over two million acres of precious wildlife habitat.

Each lodge has a Green Team who are champions of  their philosophy to “give more” and “take less”. Team members come from all levels of staff and amongst there initiatives are camp and land clean-ups, a development of practices to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, recycling initiatives, conservation awareness drives, water efficiency, elimination of pollution, addressing road damage and erosion, re-greening and much more.

Escapa and &Beyond understand that a positive guest experience is paramount and consequently of key importance in sustaining the protected wilderness areas.

Global Partners

We take great care in selecting the partners we work with – developing long-term relationships that directly benefit the communities you visit. What’s more, we’re committed to ensuring that every escape we offer makes as little impact on the local environment as possible. That way, we can help these beautiful locations remain unspoilt for generations to come…

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